We founded Trustnet specifically to invest in and grow small businesses. We do believe in partnering with management teams, families and owner/executives to deliver results for our companies and investors.

We focus exclusively on buying small, profitable companies. We are an ideal partner for owners seeking liquidity, generational transition, capital for growth or recapitalisation or acquisition. Over the years we have been tailoring a knack for working collaboratively and productively with management teams to achieve the company’s goals.

We seek to invest in improvements that build on past successes. We are patient investors with a “first, do no harm” philosophy, guiding and supporting decisions based on meeting long-term growth objectives. We are not looking to flip companies.

Such a distinctive approach, boosted by a full personal commitment is pretty much appreciated by business owners and management teams. Furthermore, because of our experience, we have been successful in raising committed equity capital from investors.

Trustnet’s principals focus their careers working with small companies…

We focus on successful small products and service based companies with growth potential…